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Everywhere Apparel

Close the Loop Apparel Recycling Mailer

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Close the loop! Fill this recycled envelope with any clothes you’d like to clean out of your closet and keep out of the landfill. Just fill the envelope, pop it in the mail using the included return label, and we will make sure your clothes are recycled and given a new life.  Everywhere garments and other workable clothing will be reincorporated into our supply chain to be turned into new apparel while some materials will be recycled into other items like upholstery filling and insulation. As a thank you for keeping your unwanted clothes out of the landfill, we will issue you a $10 credit to use towards a 100% recycled Everywhere garment.

Donating your old clothes to charity does not ensure that your clothing goes on to a second life or that they are even recycled. Though estimates vary, a shockingly high percentage of clothing that is donated to charity ends up in the landfill or incinerator. Be confident your unwanted clothing is put to good use by recycling with Everywhere. Thank you for closing the loop.

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