Textiles + Water Impact: Why Everywhere Uses Recycled Cotton

What’s the role of water in textile production?

New green fibers are costly and hard to find. Recycled cotton is the only affordable choice that requires no huge infrastructure investment.

What is the impact of cotton finishing?

How does the textile industry pollute water?

What are the benefits of organic cotton for water consumption?

How does climate change affect water use in textiles?

Supply chain disruptions are the new norm along with reliance on endangered groundwater resources.

How do synthetic fibers affect water?

Fiber factories often release these chemicals into the water supply and can cause cancer and reproductive harm.

How does recycled polyester affect the human body?

The effects of Lyocell, Tencel, and Chemically Recycled Cellulose

Everywhere 100% recycled cotton CirCot™ is a game changer 

Consumer & Brand Responsibility

Everywhere Apparel is finding real solutions to combat environmental harm caused by textile manufacturing. Our water-conscious products are living proof that the apparel industry can have a brighter, more sustainable future.

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