Uniform Programs

Uniform Programs

We make circular uniforms for the world's top companies

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Compare shirts to
Saves gallons of water
Equivalent of years of drinking water for one person
carbon emissions (fibers)
Prevents the release of lbs of atmospheric carbon
Reduces landfill waste by lbs
Equivalent of bananas for scale 🍌

We love working with customers to create a unique uniform product that fits their workforce. We can custom dye our materials and create custom cuts to suit your area of work and employee base. Learn more about our custom product development services

Yes! All of our products are equipped with a QR code that your employees can scan to send items back for recycling. We can also work with you to customize the landing page experience each product is connected to to highlight your company’s sustainability initiatives and provide incentives for your employees to recycle. Uniforms can also be aggregated by team leaders at the office or workplace and sent back to Everywhere in bulk. Learn more about our recycling services.

For purchasing blank stock apparel to use as uniforms, we have no minimum! For custom uniform orders involving screenprinting or another type of product decoration, our minimums start at 300 units. Our capacity is ample and we offer faster turnaround times through our North American supply chain than most other options.

We do not have a minimum load size we accept for recycling. The size of the shipment can range from a few items sent back to us by an end consumer, or pallets aggregated by an enterprise client.