Textile Circularity: The Importance of Clothing Made in the USA

In America circa 1980, at least 70% of our clothing was made in the USA. Now, that majority stake in our closets has plummeted to 3% (2).

Where Did Clothing Made in the USA Go?

In 2020 alone, the US imported cotton textiles and apparel valued at over $127B, with year-over-year growth since 2016 (6).

How Sustainable Is Fashion’s Cotton Apparel Supply Chain?

How Linear Manufacturing is Harming the Planet

With the fashion industry accounting for roughly 4% of total global GHG emissions, there’s a dire need and opportunity for innovative solutions to establish a new, actually sustainable supply chain for cotton clothing (10).

Embracing Textile Circularity: The Future of Sustainable Fashion

Why Everywhere’s Recycled Cotton Clothing Is Always Made in the USA

Together, we’re paving the way toward a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.