Team Feature: Irys Placida Kornbluth

Meet Irys, Everywhere COO and multidisciplinary creative who is bringing fresh solutions to the world of sustainable apparel.

What does a day in the life look like for your role at Everywhere?

Do you have a focal goal for your work at Everywhere?

“That sort of creative spark of excitement is how we're going to become more sustainable and how we're going to transform the world.”

How does that creative spark show up through your relationship with music?

How does creativity help get clients excited about sustainability?

“I just really, really love helping people see their ideas come to fruition, and doing so in a way that's not going to harm the planet – and in fact will make it better.”

Why do clients choose to work with Everywhere?

How is Everywhere reshaping manufacturing processes?

“We're really trying to reindustrialize what's already running in a way that's positive for the earth”

Why is it important to get brands on board with planet positive practices?

What role has sustainability played throughout your career?

“I think I've had sort of this compassion or an empathy with waste materials for a long time.”