• Closed Loop Apparel made from CirCot™ - 100% GRS-Certified recycled cotton textile waste - includes QR codes enabling circular recycling of each garment
  • Easily adoptable platform allows any company to close the loop and make progress toward their sustainability and circularity goals
  • CirCot™ fabric is a microplastic-free, fully recycled alternative to recycled polyester (rPET). Recycled polyester has been shown to shed even more microplastics than virgin polyester. 

Los Angeles, March 2022 - Everywhere Apparel, dedicated to creating data-enabled sustainable materials, recently launched the world’s first closed loop blank apparel line made of 100% GRS-Certified recycled cotton. Mechanically recycled cotton is the most sustainable apparel fiber in the world along multiple measures when compared to conventional or organic cotton and recycled or virgin polyester:
  • No water used in fiber production, bleaching or dyeing

  • Diverts waste from landfill

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • No microplastics pollution (unlike rPET)
All other recycled blank apparel companies offer microplastic shedding blends made from contaminated plastic bottle derived recycled polyester (rPET) or recycled cotton that’s not really recycled by the FTC Green Guide definition. Everywhere’s “really recycled” closed loop GRS-certified recycled cotton offerings stand alone in creating no microplastics.
Further, each shirt is equipped with QR codes enabling customers to receive a free mailer and send apparel back for recycling into new products. For companies looking to improve their sustainability and circularity profile, adopting this closed loop system as a white labeled solution is as simple as purchasing Everywhere Apparel blank garments and requires no additional client investment or setup.
“Everywhere Apparel exists to create maximum positive impact for the environment, which is why we chose to open source our Closed Loop system free of charge and make the technology available to anyone interested.” said Irys Kornbluth, Co-CEO at Everywhere Apparel. “By launching with a focus on the blank apparel industry we ensure this innovative approach to sustainability has the broadest possible reach.”

About Everywhere Apparel, Inc.
Everywhere enables any company to easily reach their sustainability goals. 
A venture-backed material science firm led by Stanford educated engineers, Everywhere exists to create transformative sustainability solutions in the materials space. Our recycled products and novel closed loop ecosystem point the way toward a more sustainable future for all.
Everywhere garments save millions of gallons of water, divert waste from the landfill, reduce carbon emissions, and produce no microplastic pollution. Our customized environmental impact reporting enables businesses to track the positive effect of their purchasing decisions. 
Authentic sustainability is a reality with Everywhere Apparel.