Reduce Landfill Waste with Recycled Cotton

Have you ever actually been to the dump? Maybe you've gone with your parents and unloaded things from the back of the family truck - you never really see behind the little area where you drop off your discarded materials, but what’s back there will horrify you!

Humans create an unbelievable amount of waste, and a lot that waste is clothing and textiles. In fact, globally, a full dump truck worth of clothing and textile waste is put in the landfill every second of every day. It’s a worldwide catastrophe, and in the time it took you to read these two paragraphs over 20 dump trucks worth of waste were added to the world’s landfills.

According to the EPA, those of us living in the United States throw away between 70 and 80 pounds of clothing and textile waste each year. That’s over three tons of waste in an 80 year life! 

Everywhere breaks the take, make, waste mentality that pervades modern fashion and makes clothing from 100% recycled materials that would otherwise be headed for the landfill. Even better, each of our garments includes instructions for how to recycle them at end of life, closing the loop for good.