Recycled Polyester is Not the Solution

OK, we all know that plastic and polyester are bad for the environment. But you’ve probably also heard about the magic of plastic bottles being transformed into clothes as recycled polyester. We’ve been told by major brands that this fabric is the definition of sustainable fashion. But is it?

The uncomfortable truth about polyester is that each time you wash your favorite leggings or cotton poly t-shirt they create microplastics. Trillions of tiny pieces of plastic shed from our clothes in the wash and wind up polluting the environment. These little buggers are all over the place!

So much so in fact, we are all consuming a credit card worth of microplastics each week! Microplastics are raining down on the rocky mountains, choking the deep oceans, and even showing up in human placentas.

What’s even worse is that the recycled polyester garments that we are being sold as sustainable fashion actually create more microplastics per garment than any other fabric type!

Knowing this, do you feel comfortable with recycled polyester?

Stop the insanity. Reduce microplastics pollution. Buy Everywhere’s 100% recycled cotton t-shirts.